ESG Statement

As a forward-looking company, we believe it our responsibility to incorporate the best environmental, social, and corporate governance standards into the fabric of our operating structure.  We owe it to our customers, employees, partners, and communities we serve to engage in these practices for the betterment of society and environment.

In the everchanging world, ESG is a continuous process of coordinating our operations to reflect our ethics as a company. Good Stewardship of the environment through decisive, sustainable practices is on the forefront of our agenda. Even now, meaningful action is being taken by our company to mitigate the adverse effects of the climate crisis. T&R has multiple staff members dedicated to maintaining and implementing construction standards to meet or exceed green efforts set forth by federal sustainability goals.

We believe that diversity and inclusion make our business stronger, smarter, and more capable.  Diversity within our workplace is imperative, and we pledge ourselves to the improvement of equitable rights and opportunities across the country and globally.  T&R Properties is committed to philanthropic endeavors such as Habitat for Humanity, matching all donations to the organization made by our residents and employees.

In addition, company founder Ronald Sabatino provides support for education, basic needs, animal welfare, economic opportunity, arts & culture, and the environment.  Since 2015, Mr. Sabatino and T&R Properties have contributed a combined 3.6 million dollars to numerous philanthropic foundations.  Today, over one million dollars from these funds has been granted to students in need, and 30+ charitable organizations in the Central Ohio area.

T&R is proud to maintain steadfast corporate governance practices that promote conduct of integrity.  Our policies are in place to uphold the highest level of honesty and ethics among all executives, employees, and contractors.  We also support continued development and education to further opportunities for all members of our great company.  T&R believes through conscious and careful implementation of ESG, that our company can continue to make the world a better place.