Mission Statement

Our Purpose at T&R Properties is to maintain our leadership role in residential housing and property management by providing quality housing, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.  Specialization in multi-family residential housing is our core business, but we operate in all areas of real estate including land development of commercial, mixed-use, and single-family homes.

The team members at our company are our foundation.  By putting our employees first, we cultivate a stable environment which maximizes our ability to benefit our residents, vendors, investors, and lenders.

 We focus on our employees by:

  • Creating a safe, healthy, and positive work environment. Safety is a key factor in successful operations and permeates all of our day-to-day activities.

  • Empowering employees with knowledge and continued skill development.  Continued development and learning enables growth opportunity for all.

  • Promoting a true sense of ownership and ethical behavior.  We expect our employees to always conduct themselves with integrity.

  • Continually striving for improvement to encompass the needs of the ever-changing market, which provides strength for future advancement opportunities.

Our goal is to produce exceptional results for the people and communities we serve.  T&R is proud to maintain a position on the leading edge of the industry guided by these principles, and will continue to do so, far into the future.